Musings on Life

Musings on Life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about holiday planning. I guess it’s because the weather’s getting colder and I’m beginning to imagine spending my time in warmer parts of the world. England is beautiful and I love this time of year, but there’s something spectacular about dreaming of sunny days, soaking up great weather and views.

My thoughts aren’t quite as easy as some years. What, I question, is the likely environmental impact of my decision making in this area? It’s hard to know where to start on this subject and I hope that you won’t feel that this is a rant or that I’m instructing anyone on how to behave. I’m truly not. But I do want to open up about the questions that lurk within my own heart.

First things first: I’m not a scientist. I wish that I could understand all of the detail around some of this stuff. Instead, I rely on experts and listen to what they say. Fortunately there are lots of sources of information online and I use the following most regularly:

What does my reading tell me? Well, I reckon that the planet is warming and that we (mankind) must take the blame. Opinions seem to vary on timescales and extent of the impact, but it does seem to me that it won’t be positive. There’s still time to do our bit.

This is why I’m struggling to think about my holiday for next year. As a family, we have the money to be able to hop on a plane (or a train, or to use the car) to get somewhere that appeals. We’d have a great time and I truly believe that travel broadens the mind. But how much environmental damage would we do? How could we offset that? These are the questions that I keep returning to. Maybe we shouldn’t take a holiday at all?

In expressing these thoughts, I don’t really want an answer, or to have people tell me that everything will be ok. I do wonder whether others have the same doubts right now?

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